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  • In this wrongful death case, plaintiffs alleged that defendant Board and Care was negligent in the fail to get its resident emergency medical care for a prolonged period, which caused his demise. Defendant's position was the resident would have died even if defendant had called 911 right away.

  • Plaintiff’s vehicle was hit by a bus on the freeway when she changed lanes to avoid an accident in front of her. Defendant disputed liability, asserting that her lane change caused the accident with the bus, which did not have time and distance to stop short of hitting the vehicle. Plaintiff alleged that in addition to orthopedic problems, she sustained a TBI, which has affected her ability to focus, and has caused headaches and neuropsychiatric changes.

  • Pre-litigation dispute in which tenant claimed her serious injuries were sustained in a trip and fall in the backyard of the home she was leasing. Landlord claimed the condition was trivial, open, and obvious.

  • Slip and fall on stairs of commercial building. Plaintiff sustained orthopedic injuries and TBI. Plaintiff alleged negligence by owner, property management, general contractor, flooring contractor, and carpet cleaning company.

  • Employee of audio-visual equipment company picking up equipment from a hotel sustained injury while lifting the equipment. Plaintiff claimed the injury was caused by Defendant’s failure to have an operating ramp. Defendant hotel claimed that it had no duty of care since the Plaintiff was an employee of the audio-visual equipment company.

  • Plaintiff called Defendant tow truck company via an auto club to tow his personal vehicle. The tow truck operator was alleged to have instructed the Plaintiff to drive his vehicle onto the flatbed, in violation of company and industry standards. Plaintiff alleged he was injured when he fell from the flatbed, and as a result had to have three surgeries and sustain loss of past and future income. Defendant disputed the amount of damages

  • Mediated a matter in which Plaintiff alleged a hospital’s care facility and physician failed to follow the medical directive, and maintained the patient on life support against Plaintiff’s wishes and for financial gain.

  • Wrongful death action in which decedent was struck and killed when a delivery truck backed up. The family of the decedent sought damages against the truck driver and the company for whom he worked for love, comfort and support. The company disputed negligence.

  • Plaintiff was rear-ended by a city bus and alleged soft tissue injuries and a traumatic brain injury that took an extended time to resolve, affecting her ability to do her work as head of a program at a local university. The city disputed the extent of the damages alleged.

  • Patient sued the dentist, manufacturer and supplier of a dental light that fell on the patient while in the dental chair, causing burns and disfigurement. The manufacturer accused the dentist of failing to add a safety feature sent to the dentist by the supplier on behalf of the manufacturer. The dentist claimed he never received the safety feature.

  • Following a DUI driver causing a fatal crash with an Access van, insurance company filed an interpleader action regarding the full policy limit. The claimants seeking a portion of the funds were the families of the two deceased individuals and an injured individual who claimed a traumatic brain injury caused his physical and mental deterioration.

  • Dispute over damages sustained in an auto collision between a shared ride company and another vehicle in which liability was admitted.

  • Auto accidents involving soft tissue where liability was admitted but damages were in issue.

  • Action for wrongful death brought by the family of a deceased pilot following a helicopter crash. The survivors alleged that the helicopter had a defective design of which the manufacturer had knowledge and defendants alleged pilot error.

  • Action for wrongful death due to asbestos exposure against manufacturers of products containing asbestos brought by Plaintiff whose spouse died of mesothelioma.

  • Action in which Plaintiff alleged his lung cancer was caused by exposure to asbestos.

  • Action for products liability against a motor scooter manufacturer following a twovehicle accident alleging a defective design and warning defects in the scooter caused plaintiff a severe leg injury requiring amputation.

  • Action for wrongful death brought by the family of a man who was struck and killed by a car driven by a law enforcement officer as the deceased stood on the freeway shoulder awaiting a tow truck following an accident.

  • Action against a governmental agency and its representative for negligent training and supervision following the sexual assault of a minor incarcerated in a juvenile facility.

  • Action by a patient against an acupuncturist for intentional tort (sexual assault) and negligent infliction of emotional distress.

  • Dispute over whether a school district was liable for injuries sustained by a student during weight training class.

  • Action brought by a freight trucker for negligence and OSHA violations against defendant lighting warehouse after lighting poles fell on him causing injuries. Plaintiff alleged the cause of his injuries was that the warehouse had insufficient staff to properly load the poles onto the truck. The plaintiff also sought recovery from the trucking company that employed him for failure to maintain a workers’ compensation policy.

  • Action for defamation and slander against members of an organization Plaintiff was investigating for misdeeds while he was president. Plaintiff alleged the members of the organization ousted him from his position and then accused him of criminal activities including assault and misappropriation of funds.

  • Action for negligence and premises liability allegedly arising over injuries suffered by the Plaintiff visitor when Defendant homeowner fell on him.

  • Action brought by an extra on a television show who slipped on a sound stage. Defendant studio claimed it was an alternate employer along with the producer of  the television show and that the claim was therefore exclusively covered under workers’ compensation.

  • Lawsuit for negligence with admitted liability in which injuries suffered by the Plaintiff dancer were in dispute.

  • Action brought by a tenant who slipped and fell on apartment stairs that he claimed were negligently maintained and in need of repair.

  • Action for negligence brought against a retailer for a slip and fall in the parking lot causing a knee fracture and chronic pain.

  • Action brought against a stone dealer by a granite fabricator whose arm was crushed by granite slabs that he alleged the stone yard employees negligently loaded onto his truck.

  • Action brought against a cable provider by an 86 year old man who sustained injuries, while riding his bicycle, from a dangling cable belonging to and maintained by the cable provider.

  • Action brought by the parents of a student regarding corporal punishment by a teacher at school. Plaintiffs alleged assault, battery and intentional infliction of emotional distress. Defendant teacher cross-complained for defamation.

  • Action brought by a tenant against a landlord for nuisance, constructive eviction, breach of warranty of habitability and negligence based upon a claim of exposure to mold mycotoxins.

  • Premises liability action in which plaintiff, who was invited to a friend’s company event where there was a rock climbing wall, sustained injuries when he fell. Plaintiff claimed his fall was due to the negligence of the operators; defendants claimed assumption of the risk.

  • Action for negligence by an individual against the roofing company that plaintiff alleged failed to fix a roof leak that he asserted was the cause of the wet floor on which he tripped.

  • Dispute over damages sustained in an auto collision between a shared ride company and another vehicle in which liability was admitted.