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Case Manager: Christie Woo
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"Judge Rosenblatt was very well prepared. I appreciated the fact that she was willing to have a call with me before the mediation. That was important to our client. I also appreciated the fact that she was a straight shooter and didn't read a "doom and gloom" manifesto to our sophisticated client in trying to drive the matter to resolution. (The latter seems to occur in 80% of mediations, and it doesn't fly well with our sophisticated clients.) Judge Rosenblatt was able to both respect our client's intellect/experience and get more money to reach a settlement. I'd definitely want to use her again. I also appreciate the late hour she was willing to endure. Five stars."

​"Judge Rosenblatt went out of her way to achieve a successful conclusion to a difficult matter. Her efforts are very much appreciated."

​"Judge Rosenblatt was amazing and went above and beyond to mediate a resolution. Excellent."

​"Judge Rosenblatt was incredibly thoughtful, fair, and effective. It was a true pleasure to work with her."